Chapter Two is out now


My name is Kumail, I'm the author of Kahlil. It's a superhero comic book on the internet. An internet comic book. There's probably a better term for that.  This is the website where you can read said comic. I hope you like Chapter two. I'm already hard at work at pencilling Chapter three. The script until chapter thirteen is written so much more to go. Chapter Five is gonna be a fun one to illustrate. If you have any thoughts or comments you can find me on twitter @ohkumail or my tumblr at  or just email me. I make art you can buy at If you like Japanese video games, television shows about vampire hunters or smoke monsters, the NBA, Troy and Abed in the Morning or films directed by Christopher Nolan or Rian Johnson, you might find something you like there. If you're a fan of AKIRA you'll find something you like there soon.

See you when chapter three is out,