Store is Live! Extended Digital Editions of Kahlil Available Now.

Starting today, I'm selling digital extended editions of Kahlil. Each chapter comes in a high resolution and low resolution version (Though I seriously recommend the High Quality version. Looks great on tablets.), Each chapter also comes with the original uncoloured lineart and the original scripts and maybe some bonuses too. Each chapter is £1.99 (Low-Res) and £3.00 (High-Res), though you can get the collections cheaper at £16 (High-Res) and £10 (Low-Res).

Chapter 07 is almost complete, but I'm experimenting with this one. It'll be released first on the store for sale and then for free on the site a week or two after.

The comic takes a lot of work, so your support would mean a lot to me.

If you'd prefer to support another way, Kahlil has a patreon! You can support the comic for as little as $1 a month, whatever you can do, helps. Though if you decide to go up to $3 or $5 or more, there's rewards in it for you. original Photoshop documents, process videos, commissioned illustrations etc. Can't get them elsewhere.

And if you can't, share the comic, tell your friends. Helps more than you think.

And as always,