Chapter 08, Mountains, is out now!

Sorry for the long break. Accept a new chapter of Kahlil as an apology?

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3 cool things.

During the colouring process for this chapter, I marathoned through about 40 episodes of The Adventure Zone. It's a Dungeons&Dragons Improv Comedy Show, it's my new favourite podcast and should be yours too.

While I pencil and ink Kahlil the traditional way, I colour and do the special effects digitally in Photoshop. It's almost entirely coloured using Kyle Webster's Oil brushes from his Megapack (with some help from some of the spatter and noise brushes). He recently released some halftone brushes which look pretty fantastic. Are you a person who wants to make comics? You probably also want to use Kyle's brushes too.

I took a 4 week long trip to Karachi, Pakistan between Jan and Feb and I absolutely adored it. It had been 6 years since I had last been and somethings changed and somethings did not. Starting my day off with this view everyday, never got old.

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Chapter Six of Kahlil is out now!

"You Can't Go Home Again"

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And again - thanks for reading.



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Going Worldwide: Buzzfeed and Courrier International

I'm this guy from that buzzfeed article!


And the comic was also featured on the French newspaper, Courrier International. Google Translate seems to suggest it says good things, so I'll go with that. 

It's been a cool couple weeks. Keep an eye out as more cool things are coming. Amongst them, the next chapter in the beginning of September.

See you then.

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where i make kahlil: #showyourwork

where i make kahlil: #showyourwork

Note: cross posted from my personal site but seeing as it's about the comic on this website that you're currently on - I thought I'd share it here too.

I thought I'd show where it is I make Kahlil, my comic about what would happen if Superman didn't land in Kansas – he landed in Pakistan. I've been working on it during free nights and weekends and these things make it a little easier to do.

A Couple of things to note about the workspace:

  • A Minisun lightpad as the surface for the actual drawing of the comic. I find this super useful for reference, perspective and It reminds me of architecture school which is always – well, I was going to say nice, but you get the idea.
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Chapter Two is out now


My name is Kumail, I'm the author of Kahlil. It's a superhero comic book on the internet. An internet comic book. There's probably a better term for that.  This is the website where you can read said comic. I hope you like Chapter two. I'm already hard at work at pencilling Chapter three. The script until chapter thirteen is written so much more to go. Chapter Five is gonna be a fun one to illustrate. If you have any thoughts or comments you can find me on twitter @ohkumail or my tumblr at  or just email me. I make art you can buy at If you like Japanese video games, television shows about vampire hunters or smoke monsters, the NBA, Troy and Abed in the Morning or films directed by Christopher Nolan or Rian Johnson, you might find something you like there. If you're a fan of AKIRA you'll find something you like there soon.

See you when chapter three is out,



Happy New Year Update!

Happy New Year!

Now with the pleasantries out of the way, I can give you an update on the progress on the comic. Chapter Two has been drawn and inked, waiting on colouring and lettering (I need to get an A3 scanner sooooon). Chapter Three is midway through pencilling. All 13 chapters has been written. There are ideas for things in the future after that but one thing at a time. Chapter two will be out in January, Three in February and Four in March. At least that's what I'm hoping. I'm doing all this myself while working a full time job (shout out to architecture) and working on some other things too. 

Further updates coming this year (which is 2016!)

- Kumail

Kahlil: A Superhero Internet Comic Book.

It’s exciting when you have an idea you think is good.

Even when that idea is as simple as, “what if Superman didn’t land in Kansas? What if he landed…somewhere else?”

This is the story of a boy crash landing in the south of Pakistan. It’s the story of a boy who grows up brown, South Asian and Muslim and finds out the world is a much bigger place than he ever thought.

And it’s the story of how he fits into that world.

Kahlil, Chapter One: Not in Kansas Anymore.

This is a story I’ve been working on for a while now and there’s still twelve chapters to go. But this is the first part of the story and I hope you like it. You can tell me what you think on twitter or you can email me too. I appreciate you taking the time to read it.



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